Saturday, July 24, 2010

Best Friends Forever

Instead of a Chuck-E-Cheese style birthday party, Lily opted (for the 2nd year in a row) to have a special day with her best friend Ellie (thank you, thank you, thank you!). We planned to go to the movies, but it was just too hot to want to leave the house this afternoon. We watched the DVD of Enchanted instead.

Car temperature at 7:08 pm. In the shade!

Went to the salon, where they opted for matching green nails and I went with Dulche de Leche. Lily helpfully observed "Every time you are here you get beige or red, beige or red, beige or red. You need to mix it up some." Mix it up some? That's what I get for letting a 6-year old get a manicure - I didn't get my first manicure until my wedding day!

Cheeseburger tacos at California Tortilla, and then on to Carvel. Lily's choice. I lobbied for Mi Rancho.


Ellie's spending the night. These two have been best friends since they were 3 months old in daycare together, and are still going strong even after a year in different kindergartens. They still swear they are getting married to each other, although Ellie did get all giggly when we ran into a boy named Skylar at California Tortilla. She actually said "Don't worry, he doesn't even know my name." I'm now convinced their bond is unbreakable.

Happy Birthday Lily!

The birthday weekend has begun. Last night neighbor kids came over for cake (and the parents for beer and a battle of the iPods). Today, Lily's best friend Ellie comes over for an afternoon of girly stuff and a sleepover.

We let Lily decorate her own cake.

A little too much blue frosting.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Holy Crap!

I found the exact bowl on eBay! I love the internet. Apparently the magic search word was melmac. And, it comes with a little platter so this whole trying experience has a silver lining.

On its way, priority mail, to Florida as I type. Of course, this sets back my eBay shoe scheme by $11.99 plus S&H, but anything for my dad!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

No!! Not the Green Bowl!!!

For probably the last 50 years my father has had an apple and yogurt for lunch every single day. For probably the last 45 of them - certainly for all of my memory - he has used done so using the Green Bowl. It's faded from dark olive to light, has lost its shine, and has been superglued at least once. Well, today my mom reports that it fell on the tile and broke.


My mom assessed "You would have thought he lost a treasure." But Lee and I are upset too. I've asked her to save me the bowl. And I'm going searching for a replacement on eBay once I can figure out what to search for. "Green bowl" returns more than 13,000 hits. "Green plastic bowl" returns only 84 hits, including this one:

Close but not close enough - too minty and the divider is a problem. Don't worry Dad, we're on it.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

More Cell Phone Photos

I couldn't figure out why these photos were on my old cell phone. And then, I remembered...

Shortly after Lily was born, I went on a Nutri System diet. I should have known better, but I needed a jump start. It promised "restaurant style food delivered right to your door" with a money-back guarantee. I was so busy and tired that I needed the prepackaged food so I wouldn't have to plan or think. I knew the food wouldn't be great, but I figured I could do anything for two weeks. Even vacuum-sealed pizza.

I was so wrong.

Didn't look so bad.

I thought "Maybe it'll look better after I microwave it. Maybe it'll triple in size after I microwave it."

I asked for my money back.