Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hair Cut

Took Lily for a ridiculously expensive haircut today to try to recover from the horrible summer pixie haircut incident. Blackberry photos:

Much better!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas #1

We had mini-Christmas tonight to open gifts from my parents and Lee since we won't be with them on Christmas.

Fake hair.

Fake teeth.

More fake teeth. I think my parents did a lot of their shopping at the gag gift store.

Makeup head! I had one of these as a kid and loved it. At one point Lily said to me "Mommy, I need your help. You have a lot more experience than I do putting on makeup."

Fake hair, real microphone.

Lily was thrilled with all her presents - magic tricks, Squirmles (remember those?), paints, chore chart, MOMA doll house, magazine subscription, blobby color-changing nightlight, even the IKEA toffee laces. And, we've already started one of the science experiments in the Magic School Bus World of Germs kit.

Thanks Mom, Dad and Lee!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Starting to Look Like Christmas

Putting the star on the tree.

Lily and Gina G. and their gingerbread train.

All dressed up waiting for Jack, or "Jackie," as Lily calls him, to arrive. She picked out this outfit especially for him, but don't tell him, okay?

Lily and Aunt Claire making cheesy enchiladas.