Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's Official

I'm my mother.

Let me say right off that there's nothing wrong with being my mother. Ma, you're great. But the thing is, none of us thinks she is actually going to turn into her mother, and it's quite shocking when we do.

There have been signs this was coming. Like when I wore socks with sandals at Disneyworld last year because my feet were freezing and who's looking at me anyway? Or when I used the phrase "hoity toity." Or when I said "Is it hot in here or is it just me?" and and "Shut the door, the air conditioning's getting out!" or "Where are my scissors! Why can I never have anything nice in this house?" Or when I did an MS Project Plan for my pregnancy. Or when I said to Lily "I'll give you something to cry about," and "Because I said so!" and "Well, life's not fair." (Actually, that last one is more my dad.) Or when I gave her bangs a little trim myself and it ended up looking like I used pinking shears. Or when I put a bag of her toys out on the front steps during a tantrum. Horrible, I know, but it worked.

Well, last weekend, I bribed Lily to go to the hairdresser for a "little trim," and then whispered "go short, really short" to the stylist. I have one pissed off 5-year old on my hands. But really, I'm the one who has to deal with her hair every day. When she can take care of her own hair, she can get whatever style she wants. See what I mean? I'm officially my mom.

Lily, I promise you, when you are 11 I will not make you get a Dorothy Hamill wedge that doesn't work with your naturally curly hair and inspires Mark Wahl to call you "Beanie" for the next 6 years.

She still looks incredulous in this photo. And it's not nearly as short as I wanted it to be! I think the hairdresser mistakenly thought Lily would be paying the tip.

Look at my hair!! It's a "pixie." Nicely shows off Spock ears I wasn't even aware I had. Ugh. I'm pretty sure Uncle Dom did this to me. On the plus side, that's one awesome outfit I have on. And Lee's hair is worse.

The infamous beanie wedge. If I remember right, my mom bribed me with makeup from Woolworth's to get this haircut. I bribed Lily with a mermaid Barbie that's supposed to change colors when wet. Well, we tried it in all different temperature water, and no changes. Lily muttered "Oh man, I got my hair cut and the stupid Barbie doesn't even work. No fair!" I refrained from saying "Well, life's not fair."