Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Eggs

Waiting for the eggs to hard boil. For the past three Easters in a row I've called my mom during Easter egg coloring with this question: "Mom, I don't get it, what am I doing wrong? The color comes off the eggs when I boil them." For the first two years she fell for it.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easters Past

I've been scanning thousands of old family photos (well, the kind people in India have been doing it for me). Here's a collection of old Easter photos. I wish we still dressed up in our spring best for Easter.

This is probably 1967. Mom, Dad, and me in Bebop and Grandma's backyard. I don't remember that chain link fence ever being there. The property goes all the way back past the far trees. Love my little hat and coat combo, and how it matches Mom's dress.

Probably 1968 - I look about 2 1/2, and my Mom's not hugely pregnant with Lee who was born on Easter 1969. In the front yard at Abuelo and Abuela's house. Look at my adorable tulip hat, and little gloves and purse. Mom has a smashing dress, and my Dad kind of looks like a Blues Brother.

Same Easter, with Michael and Linda at Bebop and Grandma's. Linda's outfit is the best - like a stewardess on a fashionable airline.

I don't think you can even buy little white gloves for kids these days.

I vividly remember these ponchos, especially the pink lining and the swishing sound they made. I loved mine and would wear it today if I could. No idea where we are in this photo.

I'm not actually sure this is Easter - same ponchos, but my hair is shorter. And why would Grandma have a corsage on Easter? Maybe Mother's Day? Regardless, I had to include it to show that Dina had one of the rockin' ponchos too.

Definitely Easter. Linda, Dina, Lee, me, Michael on Bebop and Grandma's front steps. We're holding envelopes - 2 bucks from Aunt Carol?

Mom made these Easter outfits - they were coordinated - my skirt, Lee's jacket, and Mom's skirt. I loved them. Even Dad's shirt fit the color scheme. But Mom, my hair, why??????

Coloring Easter eggs. This is maybe 1979? I think I was sick which explains the face - or maybe I was hiding my braces?

Same Easter, our Cutchogue house, Lee, me, Frank and Joe. Clearly Easter fashion had relaxed. Lee's shirt has metric system conversions on it, and I'm pretty sure I'm wearing tan pantyhose with sandals.

Now this is how it's done. Dad, Aunt Carol, and Aunt Sara. Sailor suit, bonnet, flowered headpiece, gloves, mary janes...