Thursday, April 22, 2010


Three Sundays ago Lily and Michael saw some frogs laying eggs in a stream in the forest, which was pretty neat. The following Sunday, they saw all the tiny tadpoles, which was even neater. This past Sunday, Lily decided to make pets of them, so she scooped up a bunch in a plastic baggy and brought them home. I filled a glass vase with water and told her to let the water sit overnight to warm up and to let the chlorine out, but Miss Impatient insisted on dumping them right into their new home. Now, the plastic baggy already had been sitting in the hot car for two hours. I figured in about 30 minutes we'd be explaining the circle of life to her, but no, they perked right up. All 7 survived.

Since they were still alive by Monday night, I figured we'd better google what to feed them (boiled lettuce - spring mix, not iceberg - chopped and then frozen). They've been thriving all week, and are really kind of endearing. And they now have names: Pat, Chris, Sam, Alex, Drew, Jamie and Lee. Lily is very insistent that since we don't know whether they are boys or girls they need unisex names.

They should be frogs in about 6 weeks. I took these so-so photos with the point-and-shoot - I'll get out the good macro lens this weekend if they start doing anything interesting.

Home sweet home - a vase decorated with rocks and star stickers.

I think this one is Pat.

So this must be Jamie. ;-)