Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summers Past

Our great week at the beach inspired me to look for old beach and pool photos.

Not sure where we are. Looks like the bay. That's Dad behind us fishing.

That's Lee striking some weird pose. I can guarantee she will call me immediately upon seeing this and demand it be removed. Again, not sure where we are - looks like a lake which means we must have been on a camping trip.

The pool in our Holbrook backyard.

Holbrook again. In the background is the playhouse that Dad, Bebop and Artie built for us. Many happy hours were spent in that playhouse. And many a crime committed there (again, Lee, I am sorry for cutting your head with the carpet sweeper bad enough to require stitches and convincing you - for 20 years - that Joanne Brendel did it. This counts as my official atonement.)

Almost all the cousins. Who's that boy in the back? Check out Aunt Sara's bathing cap.

Looks like a hotel swimming pool. This may be the last time I wore a bikini.

Mom overseeing a sand castle.

Goofing at the ocean.