Thursday, March 26, 2009

The $15 Sno-Cone

We went to the circus last week. Thank goodness the tickets were free, because I accidentally bought a $15 sno-cone! I love sno-cones, my allergies were making my throat raw, and I couldn't resist. Unfortunately, I couldn't understand the vendor's reply when I asked how much they were. Rather than ask for a third time, I pointed to the big cup, and then gave her a $20 when she handed me the sno-cone. She handed me back $5. I said "$15 dollars?" and this time I did understand the reply: "Yes, can you believe it?" Having already licked the sno-cone, I crept back to my seat in shock and have still not told Michael what it cost. He doesn't want to know.

At least it came in a commemorative plastic mug that lights up. Or, that lit up until it broke.