Monday, October 18, 2010

G&G Come for a Visit

My parents came for a visit this past weekend - my mom needed a Lily fix.

Lily's attempt to scare the squirrels away from eating her pumpkins. As you can see, it didn't work. Those are deer skulls that she found in the woods. Yup. We bleached them before we would let her touch them, of course.

G&G cheered on the Green Goblins, who once again lost to a team of midget professional soccer players. Lily took a ball to the face but persisted.

Grandma and Lily decorated the inside of the front door with paper bags, cut out pumpkins, and real forest debris. This is a project that only a former kindergarten teacher would take on.

Grandma and Lily also made a tu tu from one of those make-your-own kits. The instructions were unintelligible so they freestyled. Worked better as a hat.

Lily wearing the smashing Halloween socks brought by G&G.

It was a wonderful visit - thanks Mom and Dad!