Sunday, June 8, 2008

Camp David

Last week I got to go to Camp David with our presidential library directors, my boss, and a few others. Laura Bush gave us the tour herself. She was very friendly and gracious, and spent several hours with us, including lunch. It was the best field trip ever! Very few people get to go to Camp David - you have to be a guest of the President. I asked Mrs. Bush how often she gave tours like this, and she said this was the first. We also discussed Jenna's wedding. We got to drive golf carts (Mrs. Bush drove the lead one).

I took lots of photos, but they specifically asked us not to put them on the web since Camp David is supposed to be for the First Family's privacy and relaxation. The photo below is on the White House web site. Not my best look ever. I wore seersucker (it's CAMP after all), but everyone else wore black. Oh well. When I get the group picture I'll post it.