Sunday, September 12, 2010

Deb versus Email

My work email inbox - EMPTY! I've been trying to achieve this feat since we first got email in 1995. My email approach is to move an email from my inbox to the appropriate folder once I have dealt with it. There are thousands of emails in the folders on the left, but not a single one requiring my attention in the inbox.


This means I have either reached peak performance or have become completely irrelevant. I'm thinking the former - I am involved in a major project at work, and still have multiple cross-referenced and color coded to do lists a mile long, but, at the moment, no one is waiting for me to respond to an email.

Ahhh, sweet victory.

It lasted for two whole hours, not surprising since it's a Sunday morning. Here's the offender, who is a wonderful person who is also working very hard on that major project, but who was promptly read and deleted.

Victory again, at least for a little while.