Friday, June 11, 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

NYC Photos

Lotsa attitude.

Lily's much pondered NYC outfit. She wanted to kick it up a notch for the Big Apple. Good girl.

With the famous Balto statue in Central Park.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

New York City by the Numbers

312: Steps up to and down from the Statue of Liberty pedestal
60: Minutes in Holland Tunnel
90: Degrees on Saturday
11: Number of rats Lily counted on the Jackson Heights subway tracks
5: Number of Central Park Victorian Gardens amusement rides with Aunt Lee
3: Number of hot dogs eaten by Lily
1: Number of times Lee wouldn't let me out of the apartment without ironing my shirt first (see entry below, she's apparently our mom, too)
7: Number of times Lee said "Do not put that on the blog!"
9: Number of Lily's wins on Wii Boxing (8 by knock out!)
0: Number of Michael's wins on Wii Boxing
1: Number of times Michael was mistaken for a participant in the 18th Annual Queens Gay Pride parade
5: Number of stars we give the Argentinian steakhouse by Lee's apartment
1: Number of return trips to Liberty State Park to look for Michael's lost Hong Kong pocket knife
24: Number of years Michael has had Hong Kong pocket knife
1: Number of Hong Kong pocket knives recovered!
1/2: Number of meltdowns at the Central Park Boathouse cafe
1: Number of Jamie Farr sightings

Thanks for a fun weekend, Lee. Photos to come later in the week.