Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Green Goblins

Fall soccer is off to a great start, even though the Green Goblins got clobbered by the Purple Whatevers today. Lily continues to have fun and her coach said she has a "high soccer IQ." She certainly does keep her head in the game, and keeps kicking even when she's on the ground!

Monday, September 27, 2010


First grade homework is a lot more intense than kindergarten homework. Lily wasn't that into it last week, so this week we made a big deal out of setting up a homework box and buying the necessary supplies for it.

Here's Lily organizing the box. She labelled the folders, and delighted in having her own stapler and scotch tape dispenser. Like mother like daughter. How long before she asks for her own filing cabinet for Christmas? (I was in 5th grade. And, in my defense, at least I wanted it to be red.)

We did this homework tonight - they're learning about maps in social studies, and Lily drew a map of her room. What, you don't know what all those objects are? Well, then, check out the key:

Yes, smack in the middle of the room is a pile of dog poo and pee (this isn't a frequent occurence at my house - a visiting dog last week had an accident in Lily's room and it made quite an impression on her). Also, notice the many shoes and dirty socks scattered about.

I hope her teacher has a sense of humor!