Sunday, August 23, 2009


Our annual pilgrimage to the north woods was great. Lily and Mike spent two weeks there with Don, Joann, Claire, the three dogs and numerous rotating houseguests. I showed up toward the end, and spent a few days before we headed back to DC, with visits to friends in Chicago and Pittsburgh along the way.

I took these shots with my new "tilt-shift" camera lens that creates a sharp center and a slow blurring outward. They're not out-of-focus, they're supposed to look like that.

Our very own bay on the lake. Named by Don after Joann, who is actually named Johanna.
Claire on the pontoon during one of the daily pre-dinner cruises.

Lots of swimming. I know, I know, she needs to get her bangs cut!

Shopping for provisions (like ice cream and whipped cream). Michael and Claire are in the background.

The Wampum Shop, source of all Northwoods crap like indian-beaded necklaces (made in China) and coonskin caps, as well as whoopee cusions and candy cigarettes (can you believe those are still made?).

The "Burda-Mobile" camp truck. No one can remember why they call it that.


kevin forgot said...

ooh ooh me want lensbaby

aunt lee said...

Neat lens! Do I see a beard on Michael in the supermarket pic? Looks like a fun trip...

kate b. said...

tiltshift is so interesting! i like how you used it. have you seen the tilt shift videos?

Jo said...

Your photos are just stunning! Come back! We miss you already.