Saturday, August 29, 2009


After our great time in Wisconsin, we drove to Chicago to visit with our friends Tom and Joanna and their wonderful, letter-loving son Alejandro. He's 3, and just about the cutest, smartest, most charming little boy you could imagine. Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos, so I thought I'd excerpt the following from their blog, Alejandro!

Lily W (Alejandro always uses her last name) and Ale had a blast. For kids that only get together twice a year, they jumped in instantly and jumped, tackled, and tickled each other enough to make up for lost time. Neither of them slowed down during their two day visit. Taking photos of the non-stop action was nearly impossible, but this one captured the spirit nicely.

Thanks Tom, Joanna, and Alejandro, for being such great friends!

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