Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten!

I can't believe it's here - the first day of kindergarten. Lily was excited, but I think I was more so. She seemed to be handling the whole lead up fine, but then, this morning she woke up at 5am and again at 6am saying her belly hurt. Like mother like daughter. She said she was a little nervous about meeting the teacher and the other kids, and "why doesn't the bus have seat belts?" But she hopped right on the bus when it arrived and seems to have had a good day - not that we can get anything out of her. Very frustrating.

A lot of thought went into this outfit. All the other kids at the bus stop were wearing jeans and t-shirts. How long until she wants to dress like that too?

Into the maw of the beast. Michael did not follow the bus in his car.

We met Lily's teacher Friday at the open house. She was hired Thursday (the school got some last minute funding) and looks like she's 16 years old. However, she seems enthusiastic and I liked her immediately.

Here's to the excitement of a new school year!


Grandma Fran said...

Oh, how exciting. It seems like only yesterday you were climbing onto the school bus, Deb.

mary b said...

I remember having the uncontrolable urge to follow the bus when Michael got on the bus,on his first day of Kindergarten! Lily looked great in her wonderful outfit and I am sure she had a great day. Don't worry the sharing of her day will come slowly but surely.

kate b. said...

woohooooooo go lily! i think its cute that lily had her first day of school yesterday and i had my last first day of school!!!

aunt lee said...

So cute! I can't believe she is already in Kindergarten.

Jo said...

I'll never forget, I wore a green polka dot dress on my first day. It's crazy to think that she's already in kindergarten, but I'm not at all surprised that she took it in such gracious stride.

I hope your first day was spectacular, Lily. We're very proud of you!