Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Back from the North Woods

Lily and Michael got home today. I am so happy to have them back, and even happier to see what a great time they had. Here are some of Michael's pictures, taken with the old camera - it had a smudge on the lens and he didn't realize it. But I think the photos capture the fun anyway. A huge thank you to to Don, Joann, and Claire for making the visit so special.

Fishing with a bamboo pole, with real bait, instead of the wood chip we use in the stream at home.

Hoxie keeping a lookout.

Lily caught three sunfish, including the biggest of the day. She was ecstatic. Check out the look on her face! And yes, she did eat (one bite) of her fish.

I'm still not entirely clear how she ended up walking around town without pants. But Mike did accessorize her with an Indian-beaded belt, at least.

Making smores around a campfire.

Camping, "for real, Mom!!"

The infamous sandpit Hoxie (or Musi, or Baci, depending on Lily's mood) knocked Lily into last summer. Papa saved her. She still tells the story.

Safety first.

Helping Grandma Joann make Lily's birthday cake.

Lily and the "World's Largest Penny."

New flip flops.

Lily, Aunt Claire, and "Claire the Loon."

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