Monday, July 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Lily!

She had a great day! A cupcake party at school, and the neighbors came over for ice cream cake.

Always read the card first.

Lily is adept at ripping packages open.

It was a Dora birthday all around. Wouldn't mind a piece of that action!

Of course, she liked the cheapest present - a $5 "hairy ball" - best.

A birthday dinner request.

Owwww, my ears!


aunt lee said...

Katelyn and I each had a cupcake in honor of Lily's birthday last night. Did Lily cry when she heard Grandma and Grandpa singing?

Jo said...

Happy Birthday, Lily!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lily You are as lucky as your Mom, Auntie Lee and I was to have the best grandparents ever xoxo Linda